Fun & Safe Ways to Treat Your Dog Like Family

One of the main reasons we all love to own dogs is that we can pamper them with treats and activities they love. Because they truly are members of the family, here are some of the most fun and safe ways your can let your BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever) know how much you care about them. All of these methods are tried and tested by staffers here at Dhohoo, so you know they get the seal of approval from us as well as our dogs!

Help them beat the heat with a frozen treat!

On especially hot days, dogs should get a little extra help to modulate their body’s temperature. This is extra true for short-nosed dogs like pugs and French bulldogs who have a little extra difficulty regulating their body heat. When the temperature gets up to uncomfortable levels, fill a hollow chew toy with peanut butter and put it in the freezer for a few hours. They’ll love trying to get to the tasty, and more importantly cold, PB in the toy. An alternative to peanut butter can be bone broth.

Take them on a shopping spree!

Next time you’re at the pet supply store in your town, let your pooch do the picking and help you fill the shopping cart! In the dog toy aisle, whatever item they gravitate to first goes in the cart (or a similar one in your price range, of course!) A trip to the pet store is a sensory delight for any dog with all the fantastic sights and smells that await them there, and also provides a great opportunity for them to socialize with other dogs.

Give your dog a massage

If your dog loves being pet (and they most certainly do!), then they’ll absolutely appreciate a soothing massage. For a relaxing massage, use soft, long strokes along their body, avoiding any places where they don’t like to be touched. It’s relaxing and therapeutic for your pooch, and meanwhile will get them more comfortable being handles for activities like grooming, tooth brushing or nail trimming.

Take their diet seriously

Okay so maybe this isn’t the most fun of our tips, but it demands attention: if you take your own diet seriously, then you should take your dog’s diet seriously as well. We are talking about natural foods with ingredients and balanced nutrients that will not only nourish your dog’s body, but their mind as well. That’s why in addition to the proteins and vitamins that dogs love and need, Dhohoo Dog Foods contain Omega essential fatty acids from deep-sea fish that promote the development of healthy brains as well.

Let your dog take a dip!

Many dog breeds like the Labrador retriever are naturally drawn to the water – much to their owner’s chagrin at times! For breeds that absolutely love the water, letting them indulge in some swimming is a treat they absolutely love. A safe area of

water to play in, some balls and sticks for fetching – and of course, some towels – can make for an afternoon your pet will never forget.

So what are other ways you make your pet feel like a member of the family? We are always looking for new suggestions, so let your pet-loving friends at Dhohoo know if we’ve missed any!

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