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If you are wondering “why is my cat ignoring me?” you are not alone. Many pet parents complain that their cat acts aloof. Moreover, they often shy away from hugs and like to keep their distance. Such behaviour makes many pet owners wonder if their darling cat is not very fond of them. That’s probably far from the truth.

Here are some reasons why your cat might be ignoring you:

3 Reasons Why Cats Ignore People

Here are some reasons why cats ignore people and seem uninterested!

1. Cats are Different

While cats sometimes like to cuddle, unlike dogs, they are not known for their friendliness. However, this doesn’t mean that cats are not fun. It simply means that they engage with people differently. Every pet has a unique style of engaging with owners, and some cats simply like keeping their distance, especially when they are not in the mood for cuddles – it’s in their nature!

2. General Distrust of Humans

Another reason why cats ignore people is that they are extremely intelligent and learn from experience. So, if your kitty has ever been mistreated by anyone, they may develop a general distrust of humans. If that’s the case, give your kitty some time to warm up to you. With love and patience, they will eventually come around.

3. They are Comfortable around You

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A kitten playing with a net

It is quite possible that your cat is ignoring you simply because they are comfortable around you! It is important to understand that you can’t make a cat do anything unless they want to. So, if your cat is snoozing in a comfortable position, they are unlikely to respond to you.

The Bottom Line

Now you know why cats ignore people. The reality is that cats are just wired differently. Your kitty may come off as aloof despite having a deep, meaningful bond with you. However, it is important to understand that your kitty is not being rude or giving you the cold shoulder on purpose. They probably enjoy hanging around you more than you know! Have any more pet care questions? Then check out our website today!

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