Why You Should Care About Nutrition and Pet Care

What are the health benefits of pet food? There are several, but two of the biggest benefits are better nutrition and better pet health. A quality pet food supplies all the nutrients necessary for pet joint powder supplements your cat or dog to live a healthy, long life. Protein: you will find meat, beef, chicken, and fish as protein sources in most pet food, or grains, beans, vegetables, and rice as high-protein alternatives.

When we buy commercial pet food, we think we are getting the best possible product. The truth is, pet food companies add things to it to make it palatable, such as corn, wheat, yeast, beans, chemicals, and other additives. This results in less nutrition in the dry form, such as proteins and vitamins. You can read the label of any pet food, and you will see pet wipes that most are not being adequately filled with the essential vitamins and nutrients needed.

The nutritional content is not the only thing to be considered. The manufacturing process also has an effect on the final product. Plastic containers used in pet food packaging break down over time, and the flavor and color of pet foods start to change. A plastic container used for three years is no better at retaining heat than a cardboard container, and it will retain moisture and chemicals longer than cardboard. Companies that use low-acid or even vacuum sealers to manufacture pet food are also making their products tougher and retaining more nutrients.

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